Berry-Almond-Chia Porridge

Brekkie 001 (1)It’s berry-time! I think berries are a real gift of nature – tasty, sweet, still low in calories and full of antioxidants. Try to get those from the regional farmers in the season! When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I often replace the fresh raspberries with frozen ones and already cook them with the oats.

For 1 Portion take:

40 g oats
3/4 cup / 200 ml milk of your choice (coconut, almond, dairy, organic soy)
1 handful of each berry sort – here: raspberries and blueberries
1 tbl spoon shaved almonds
1/2 teaspoon Chiaseeds

And then:

In a small pot, let the oats and milk come to boil slightly, then simmer for a few minutes while stirring.
Set aside, leave it for 2 minutes.
Serve in a bowl and top with fruits, the chia seeds and almonds.

For the extra taste, shortly roast the almonds in a small pan.
If you like, you can also add 1-2 tablespoons of yoghurt.