Surfwear 2017 – Functional, Sustainable and Stylish

Did you always wonder where to find both beautiful, functional AND sustainable Surf Bikinis?

Check out our favorites this summer. Some of them we got to test ourselves in real-time conditions.

There is a great variety of high-quality surfwear for every mood and every shape, all of them designed with love and crafted under fair and sustainable conditions. Choose well and get wet!


(personally tested)

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Bikinis like a sports bra, made in Germany. Founder Jocelyn Kotulla reacted to a “personal pain” of finding a suitable, sustainable and stylish bikini that would survive the demands of kitesurfing and wipeouts – and succeeded! With their colorful designs, the Josea pieces are cheerful eyecatchers on the beach and in the water, supporting their wearer’s pursue of love, passion and risk. Join the green karma movement!

Eco Facts Josea
Material: Recycled Polyester, made from fisher nets
Production: Produced in Germany, fair wages paid
Packaging: no plastic wrapping Only producing on demand to avoid waste


(personally tested)

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“A celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing.”

Seea founder and designer, Amanda Chinchelli, connected with the ocean early on. She believes that “women are the graceful sliders of the sea”. Seea is dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves, and to every woman who has ever searched for a suit that is feminine, comfortable, and fun. An elegant mix of retro-modern shapes and contemporary colors and prints, Seea strikes the perfect balance between surf function and style.

These suits are made for you ladies, so enjoy them and play often!

Eco Facts Seea
Material: partly recycled
Production: Produced in California, U.S.
Packaging: biodegradable packaging
Reversible options



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Happykinis and Feelgoodies – products made with craftsmanship, quality and with a meaning. CURMS combines traditional Indonesian culture in the swimwear. To make this happen, dutch founder Carmen van de Klooster went on a long journey around Indonesia. The results are beautiful, fully reversible bikinis, designed with the “ikat” pattern, a traditional Indonesian weaving style. By buying a Happykini you will not only become happy, but you also support the local handwork artists, from weaving lady to seamstress.

Eco Facts Curms
Material: Nylon/Spandex
Production: Produced in Indonesia in a small family business, fair wages paid
Packaging: cotton bags
Reversible bikini – 4 styles for 1 bikini



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Stay positive & spread good vibes – the ambition to become good at surfing and her zest for creativity drove German founder Marie-Kristin Krause to move to Bali to create a concept that suits both. Combining her two passions resulted in unique Surfbikinis with an outstanding fit that offer comfort and stay on in the surf. Furthermore she created a surf inspired urban streetwear collection for European seasons. Zealous clothing works with local tailors, fabric manufacturers and factories.

Eco Facts Zealous
Material: Oekotex certified Polyester/Spandex mix
Production: Handmade in Bali, fair wages paid
Packaging: compostable (even consumable) bags made of cassava starch




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Eco – not Ego.

Koru is the New Zealand Maori word for “spiral” and is symbolic for new life, hope, spiritual growth, purity, and peace.

Koru Swimwear is inspired by the Kiwi lifestyle, best described as a relaxed attitude with a love of the environment and great outdoors. Founder, Julie Stine, wanted to share her Kiwi heritage with others around the world by epitomizing the active Kiwi lifestyle into earth-friendly swimwear and apparel that offers environmentally conscious women a combination of fashion and function.

Eco Facts Koru
Material: Recycled Nylon made from fishing nets
Production: Made in Florida and California, fair wages paid
Packaging: biodegradable plant based clear bags, hang tags 100% recycled paper.
Apparel is made from sustainable help and organic cotton.



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The bigger and well-known companies start realizing their impact and responsibility concerning the ecologic footprint of their products. Even better, when they start to act by adding an “Eco-line”. Wishful thinking: one after another will increase their percentage in sustainable production. It is a positive trend, let’s support it by considered consumption. 


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