Surf the concrete, surf the snow – 5 Pro-Tips how to do it

Photo: Mirja Geh

Not living on the coast and no vacation in sight?

No problem! Try surfing concrete or when you are close to some mountains: surf the snow.

Here are 5 tips how you can improve your surfing on the snow and on concrete from versatile shredder Lisa Veith, Surfdoc, surf-/skate-/snowboard competitor and board-addict.

1- Skateboarding! This is definitely the most similar movement to surfing, but also the hardest one if you are a beginner and you wanna skate bowl 😉

2- Bowls and Ramps! – you should look out for wooden bowls or miniramps to start, doesn’t hurt like concrete! Even in little miniramps you can practise surf top turns! To improve your pushing for speed in waves, find yourself a nice uncrowded bowl.

3- Harder than water! – protect yourself before you wreck yourself, at least wristguards and kneepads, for deep bowls even a helmet!


Photo: Klaus Listl

4- Snowboard! If you prefer a softer plan B than Skateboarding, use the winterseason for hitting powerful topturns into powder or if less lucky, spray the artificial snow at the edge of the slopes, just try to use the terrain for surfturns, you can find little snowwaves everywhere!

Photo: Roland Haschka

5- Workout! But even if already powerful in turning , don’t forget to train your shoulders and back, because without Paddelpower you get no waves and your turning skills are completely useless. Have a look at this Surfer-Workout.

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Photo (C) Lisa Veith, Jakob Polacek (Surfpic)

Enjoy the powder and see you in the water!

Dr. Lisa


Photo credits:

Mirja Geh, Klaus Listl, Roland Haschka, Jakob Polacek