Surf Board Sock – DIY

On a rainy afternoon I was browsing the internet, looking for a nice board sock for my new ride. I was dreaming away on the most beautiful hand-sewn stylish board socks that are out there.

There was only one problem: the price. Handmade and beautiful things made under non-exploitative circumstances have their price. Having spent quite some bucks on a new board, fins, leash and so on, I was just not ready to spend another 100 or something on a board sock.

So why not sew my own board sock? I am not a big sewer myself, but pillows and easy stuff are fine AND I own a sewing machine – so: let’s go! Here is how you can make your own surf board sock.

How to get started:

  • Need some inspiration for the design? Check out Pinterest “DIY board sock”.
  • Choose a nice fabric. It can be stretchy or not, the stretchy one will have a snugger fit. For mine, I just scanned through some fabric-leftovers in the cupboard.
  • Measurements: length of your surfboard plus approx. 20 cm, width of your board plus 10-15 cm twice. (For patchwork take different fabrics). If you want an extra strong tip, get some sturdy fabric.
  • Get a cord or fabric elastic and a toggle.
  • Really beautiful option: patchwork with different fabrics. For advanced sewers. You cut the pieces (in broad stripes or even asymmetric shapes) and sew them together.

How to sew:

  • Place the board on the fabric on the floor.
  • Cut fabric about 3 cm larger than board (with an extra 5 cm around the fins).
  • If you want an extra strong tip, cut out two triangles and sew it to the tip.
  • Tack both pieces of fabric together with thin pins, inside out, leaving a gap to put the board in.
  • Put the board in and adjust the tacks to make it tighter or looser.
  • Now sew the fabric along the tacking line, if you want, you can also neaten the cutting edge. If you want to add a shoulder strap (see further down) or a handle, remember to attach it to the desired side and position before sewing.
  • Put in the board again. Maybe you have to trim some excess at the bottom.

How to make the drawstring:

  • Fold the fabric at the bottom, it helps to iron it, to make it stay in place. Tack or sew it.
  • Then fold it again.
  • Make a cut where the cord/elastics come out or cut two holes.
  • (Variation: you can make those cuts/openings on both sides and pull two cords through, just like on a drawstring bag)
  • If you want to avoid the fiddly threading part of the cord, you can already put in the cord before folding over and sewing the the drawstring but be careful not to sew the cord on!
  • Now sew the drawstring channel.
  • How to get the cord through the channel after sewing: attach a safety pin to the cord and thread them along through the tunnel.
  • Extra option: a shoulder strap. I bought a woven strap, available by meter. I put some extra support on the seam inside with an extra patch from the strap and a lot of stitches.
  • Finito!

Congrats! You just created the world’s best board sock!