Roadtrip Essentials – Style & Gear


As the roadtrip season is approaching, we start our series of Roadtrip Essentials. Here are our ultimate personal road trip must-haves. On different tours around Europe, they have been tested and approved, sometimes forgotten, “aaahhh, we should have brought…!” and intensely been missed. So here is part one of the things you should not forget to pack in the category Style and Gear.


Whether you rent, buy or have one – a real surf roadtrip requires are car that you can stretch out and sleep in. But „the bigger the better“ doesn’t count – you might want to drive down narrow slopes – and up again (engine!) or drive through remote tiny villages, so you need to be functional and flexible at the same time. Plus, there are a lot of parking lots with limited height. Find something you are comfortable with driving and living in – and make sure there is enough space to store your surfstuff without  having too much of a hassle of rearranging your bed every night. For rental: look out for those cool oldtimer vw-vans rentals especially for surfers, adds some nostalgic style, but you won’t get around very fast –  join the slow movement!


Boards of course. Boardbag(s), Boardsocks, Leashes, wax, comb, key for fins. Do you Kite? Kites, Boards, Bars, Pump.Wetsuits, at least 2 different ones to swap and to always have a dry one. 2-3 hangers for the wetsuits.Very convenient: a wetbag, preferably one that you can undress in. Or a box that fits in a corner of your surfmobile.

Shown in image: Board: Balsawood surfboard by Yellowfoot, Waxcomb and fin key: Jeckybeng, Wax: Greenfix


Of course it is part of the trip to try the local cuisine but if you are low on budget and even if not, it is an essential part of your road trip to prepare your own meals while watching the waves or enjoying your coffee on the beach with no cafe around… I recommend to take a portable gas or spiritus stove, but not one of those really unstable ones.

There is nothing like a mouth-watering barbecue after a day in the water. Whether you grill a huge steak, some fish from the catch of the day, tofu or juicy veggies – it all tastes delicious from a good grill. It is worth to buy a good one that is easy to handle and transport, can be readily cleaned and that will heat up fast enough for your growling stomach.

In picture: Cobb Grill. This one really never let us down on our road trips, now lasting for 5 years! Other suggestions: Lotus Grill, Son of Hibachi.


explains itself… Make sure it has a big knife, a small knife, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener, maybe tin opener if you know how to handle it (I rather use a „real“ tin opener). In Picture: Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife


Imagine a dark night with bright stars, the air is clear, maybe some shootingstars, and you wish for… a warm blanket. Even in a southern setting, you need something to cuddle in in the evening outside, and watching stars is way more fun being nice and warm. For a good night’s sleep I highly recommend a double-sleeping bag for couples. In hot summer you can just lie on it and cover yourself with a thin sheet.

After the session: a Jump-in Suit combined with a beanie! You could extend this list to a pair of warm socks, warm shoes… especially girls are often in need of cuddly stuff, even in 25° Celsius – that’s ok!
Onesie in picture: Onepiece of Norway, Beanie by AnniTetti or make one yourself!


Not only a convenient and necessary sun protector, but also an essential item for the summer look! They also add some glamour to you casual surf outfit. Ideally it covers your eyes as much as possible from every angle and look out for a UV400 certification for best UV-protection. In Picture: wooden shades by wood fellas


A bbq and watching stars without music? Ok, that can be nice, and maybe there is some dude or dudette playing the guitar or drums. But you will be in the mood for some really good music from time to time, so make sure to take a good bluetooth-box with you to tune your favorites! In picture: Boom2 by Ultimate Ears, waterproof, shockproof, boom!

… more essentials in Part 2, coming soon!


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