Presents for Travel and Road tripping

1 – Wetsuit Car Hanger goDry 40€
Do you know the situation when you just came out of your wetsuit and want to hang it somewhere? And there is only that (barb-)wired fence, the splintering bench and your more or less dirty car? Godryhanger has an easy-to-setup solution. Yay!

2 – Wetsuit Drybag 60£
The Drybag will protect your wetsuit from the sun, the rain or from scratches, while dripping off the water. Your car or apartment will be protected from the water. Win-win situation.

3 – Wetsuit Dryer Blawesome 119€
We are quite excited about this winter-surf goodie which is currently on preorder status. The company claims, that Blawesome is a compact, durable and portable wetsuit dryer that can dry your equipment in as little as 20 minutes. This number stands for 3 mm wetsuits. For cold-water trips it is a great option!

4 – S’well bottles Waikiki 45$
Reusable bottles are handy and eco-friendly. And these are so chic! They are even insulated, so your ice-cold drink and your warming tea or soothing hot chocolate will stay the way they are. There are different sizes, shapes and designs to choose from.

5 – House of Marley Chant Mini Bluetooth Speaker 55€*
These bluetooth speakers are both stylish and lightweight. The size is about 11x11x13 cm. If you’re not behaving, don’t mind, it is equipped with a splash-proof surface. Just don’t throw it into the water.

6 – Poler Reversible Napsack 150$*
Never be cold again with Poler Stuff! You can wear this cuddly thing theoretically all day, except for your time in the water. You can stick out your arms or open the bottom for walking. And when you’re ready for bed, just zip it up again and stay in your cozy world.

7 – Outdoor Coffee Nerd Set – real-life approved
Handmill Porlex mini 50€* – a clean design, a removable handle and most important: nicely ground coffee. It contains conical ceramic burrs and a stainless steel housing. A must-have in any roadtrip/travel coffee equipment. Works at home too, of course. Made and designed in Japan.

Aeropress Coffee Maker 30€* – don’t be mislead by the strange looks – this is a coffee wonder. You only need ground coffee and hot water (kinda like always when brewing coffee :)) but this tastes really good. Unbreakable, but high quality and durable plastic. Plus: it almost cleans itself. The company is originally a frisbee company (Aerobie).

Surfshop Roastery Coffee Beans 250g, 10-12€  – This is a family-run specialty coffee roastery dedicated to craft seasonal ethical and environmentally sustainable products that are made with respect to people and our planet. They are roasting in North Germany. All coffees from their range are designed to be bright and fruity. Find more information here.

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*This link is an affiliate link, which means we get a small commission if you buy anything through the link (it doesn’t change the amount you pay). Generally, we only include brands that we believe in, that we would use myself, or think might be of interest to you.