Presents for the Surfer’s home

1 – Coconut Bowls (here: The Coco Combo, 24£)
Beautiful Bowls and Cutlery, made from Coconut shells. These items could also be featured in our “gifts with a meaning” category, as sustainability, ecological manufacturing and fairness are the most important business goals. Making theses Coconut bowls means upcycling waste from coconut harvesting, avoiding burning them, avoiding more plastic, and simply making unique natural cutlery. They also offer other accessories like coconut chopsticks and bamboo straws.

2 – Porcelain Mug Whale by TwoThirds 14€
This mug has the old school look of those retro enamel mugs but is made of porcelain. Which is great for hot beverages! So maybe nothing to attach to your backpack, but great for home. The Whale print is just classic.

3 – Seawilde
Surf up your home! Surf-inspired and thoroughly designed furniture, decoration and apparel for the surfer’s home. In the picture: surf wardrobe and decoration board Waikiki. Handmade in Germany from ethically harvested wood.


4 – Jonas Claesson 2018 Wall Calendar 39$
Jonas draws – and takes you to a world of surfing animals, fantastic surf vehicles and both romantic and colorful hideaways.
Be fast, for European orders, the deadline is the 5th December. Free shipping worldwide.

5 – Clark Little Photography 2018 Ocean Calendar 15$
In the surfing world, the legendary photographs of Hawaiian surfer and artist Clark Little are well-known. The calendar features many classic shots and some brand new photographs shot in Hawaii, California and French Polynesia.


6 – The Surfing Animals Alphabet Book 39$
For the next generation of surfers as well as for the child within us. Jonas Claesson shows us Tuberiding Tigers, Power Surfing Mandrills and Longboarding Wombats – an aquatic alphabet adventure for Old Sea Dogs and Young Pups alike!

7 – Surf Cafe Living from 18€*
Surfers Jane and Myles Lamberth are living their dream running a bustling seaside café and enjoying the coastal lifestyle that goes with it. Their second book Surf Café Living serves up 60 delicious new recipes from Shells Café, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic. We were there in Ireland some years ago and had the proof they know what they are talking/writing about!

8 – I Love The Seaside – the Surf and Travel Guide to Southwest Europe 30€*
A declaration of love to the European Coastline and the surf travel life. Made by surfers for surfers. A book that is meant as a travel guide, so pick it up from your coffee table, get it into your van and off you go!

9 – Surf Shacks 40€*
An inspirational book filled with stories and photographs of Surfers’ homes and their inhabitants to dream away. “Through anecdotes and photographs, illustrations and conversations, Surf Shacks reveals a more personal side to surfing and its eclectic cast of characters.”

10 – Salt & Silver Travel – Surf – Cook 21€*
“Salt & Silver is the first book to blend traveling, surfing, and the food cultures of Central and South America together through the travels/stories of two hot, young guys.” So – what else is there to say?

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Merry Christmas to you!

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