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l-a-bruket-no-022-soap-surf-scrub-seife-surfpeeling-120g greenglam.de 11,50€

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius.

Hop on the beauty board with L:A Bruket’s Surfscrub Soap. The luxuriously hand-made soap bar rehydrates the skin when roughed up by salty waves while a gentle peeling effect (ingredient: Sand) uncovers super-smooth texture.

Essentials oils of Patchouli and Orange add up to smoothing, protecting and calming the skin while and your gear is freshened up and cleaned i and out – think neoprene washed off unpleasant smells – with uplifting olfactory stimulation. Seaweed and beauty impressions from Varberg, the hometown of L:A Bruket will arise, taking you on a coastal experience right there in your bathroom.

final-surfdoc-approved-aquathumbs up: no unnecessary plastic around it, use more soap bars to avoid garbage