Driftwood DIY


Let’s make a driftwood-lantern

We are beach people. We spend a quite large amount of time at the beach, looking for waves, chasing the wind or just hanging out, enjoying the scenery, smelling the air, meditating. Taking long walks along the waterline, picking stuff up, like shells, stones, driftwood… the beach is our inspiration, and we long to take some of it back home. And what could be better than turning those little gems into some stylish home accessory?


This lantern is an easy one. All you need is:

# a (drinking) glass, preferably without decoration and rims
# hot glue
# a hot glue gun
# a rough cord (I used a parcel string) or some kind of lace
# different pieces of driftwood



Get started: Plan approximately where you want to place your driftwood pieces. Put glue on two protruding locations on the wood and press the wood on the glass until it sticks (15 seconds approx.). Proceed until the whole glass is covered. Whether you want to have the pieces leveled, or, like here, a bit wilder, is up to your taste.


You can also attach small pieces to holes in a second „layer“ (see the Y-shaped piece in the last picture further down). The cord is not mandatory, but it gives some extra stability and adds some decoration. You can also use a colorful ribbon, a piece of lace or anything you would like to add. Feel free to embed your ideas, it is your piece of art and highly unique!

Done. Now, put a tea candle inside or use an electric light. Avoid big candles as they might burn the wood.

My lantern contains wood from Denmark, France and Norway. What stories can those old, far-traveled pieces tell? Shhh! Listen closely…



Your Surfdoc highly approves of Do-it-yourself.

– by creating things with your own hands, you feel a deep satisfaction and enhancement of you self-confidence

– DIY is meditative and gives you a pause

– just be careful with the hot glue – don’t burn yourself 😉