Beauty and fashion gifts for oceanlovers

1 – Shade Luxury Sunscreen and Sunstick 34$/23$
Mineral based, reef safe and water resistant, this makes an ideal surfer’s Sunscreen. There is a tinted and a non-tinted version. Cruelty-free, made in the USA.

2 – Sustainable Sunglasses for Dudes and Dudettes
There are great companies out there, this is a small selection of our favorites.
Top: Sticks & Sparrow, “Coast” 200 $(AUD), made from plant based acetate and bamboo.
Middle: Swellvision, “Lia” 125 $, lightweight sunglasses, made of 100% sustainably harvested bamboo, polarized lenses.
Bottom: Woodzee, Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses 125$, crafted from 7-ply maple skate decks, polarized lenses.

3 – Josea Surfwear Surfsuit 90€
Josea’s mission is to make a statement in sustainability, humanity and style. Made for the dedicated waterwoman from recycled fishing nets, manufactured in Germany. Free worldwide shipping.

4 – Surfskinoil 49€
This Oil is hand-blended in Sri Lanka by Venita. It contains different high quality natural oils such as coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, camomile oil. It is supposed to heal cuts as well as soothing sun burns an ear infections. They can be found in South Sri Lanka but shipping is possible.

5 – The Wet Brush, Paddle Brush 10€*
The Wet Brush was designed for detangling your mop of fuzz after getting out of the water. It works on wet and dry hair. Less hair damage and pain! Comes in different styles and prints, you will find some more here.

6 – Sett Surf Rash Cream 19£
Soothe the burn, and enjoy every surf. Every surfer knows, and fears the dreaded surf rash, but fear no more with this unique and powerful mixture. Orders in retail or via facebook.

7 – At Aloha Jewelry
Beautiful and filigree jewelry from and for the surfgirl. Handmade in Bali, designed by dutch Oceanlover Kelly de Vries.

8 – Hoodini Surfsuit 128$
Add some more sun protection to your head and neck while looking graceful in your Hoodini. This flattering cut surf/swim suit was designed for women who love the ocean and the beach. With long sleeves and a hood, this suit gives you the UPF protection you need.

9 – Sagebrush Board Bag from 120$
Beautiful and ethically concious handmade Bags for your surfboard. Sagebrush Board Bags are built for adventures, surf trips and daily beach goings. Putting an end to delam bubbles, chinese wax jobs and transit-provoked dings.

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