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We want to share our medical knowledge with you on a daily-use basis. Watch out for the extra pinch of medical guidance or the label for your surfdoc-approved product, highlighted with the stamps below.



What is this all about?

We want you to enjoy life doing the stuff you love. To get the best out of everything, it is helpful to live within a healthy body with a peaceful mind. We are looking at the world of surfing from a perspective of medical doctors, bringing real benefit and knowledge to the community.



We are fed up with products that make no sense, offer no functionality, are produced in low cost,cheap labour factories and not bringing any benefit to surfing, the customers or the world in general.

We are sharing and searching for the most incredible products, real quality, most inspiring locations, most indulging moments and all the other good things a surfer can whish for.

We are visiting and introducing art initiatives and companies enriching the surf industry.

We are proudly independent, honest, sharp and ready to diss all the hyped fakes.

We are here to inform and keep you and your family healthy and safe on your next surf trip.

We are here to make your voice be heard.

WE are YOU.










Of course even doctors don’t know everything 😉

Especially in terms of medical information from the internet, we exclude any liability for the actions based on our recommendations. For further information, please see disclaimer below.


The Surf Edition Medical information disclaimer 

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