Hi, I am Lan! I am a stoked water woman and a medical doctor. My deep passion for water sports includes surfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. In my life as a doc, I am specializing in family medicine, sports medicine and acupuncture. Furthermore, I am a travel-addict, food-lover, yogini and musician, so there is plenty of stuff I want write stories about!

During medschool, I seized every opportunity to travel the world, combining hospital work with discovering foreign cultures, people and places. I got hooked to watersports during an elective in South Africa, where I stayed for 4 months. Since then, my destinations became more and more surf-orientated, still I always take a look beyond the nose to see much more of the places than just the beach.

One of the coolest trips so far was a 4-month road trip with my fiancé and our Van along the European coast. I can hardly wait to repeat this trip and discover a new coastal route somewhere…

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