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Good to have you here. This is your feel good place with stories and tips around surfing, health and lifestyle. We want to provide you with fresh new ideas about your saltwater life. Our Plus: we spice it up with some unique medical insight and knowledge where needed.

Enjoy surfing around! And share, like or just leave a message – we appreciate your interaction!

We are 3 girls, 3 surfers, 3 medical doctors based in Germany and Austria, embedded into the world largest surfing medicine association and doing our own thing.

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We are professionals dedicated to evidence based knowledge, state of the art medicine, enriched by the experience of three surf-girl life times. The GSA is strongly associated with Surfing Medicine International, originally founded as the European Association of Surfing Doctors, of which all three editors are active members. 

What is our inspiration?

Bringing unique insight into the world of surfing, merging professional knowledge, life experience and personal style. Checking out and informing about the wheres, the whats and especially the WOWs in the world of surfing and watersports. We are surfers, we are moms, we are wives, we are successful professionals and we want to share our life and experiences with you. If you feel it too, ride and dedicate with us!

Lan, Sabine & Marie-Thérèse


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