8 Exercises for your Surf Fitness


For many of us (Northern-hemisphere-inhabitants), winter is kicking in soon. That means: Surf in cold water, go on surf vacation somewhere or take a winter break. To stay fit during that time, do these 8 exercises regularly and you won’t find yourself starting from zero when you will be surfing on a more regular basis again and you will keep your fitness for the challenges of the cold water season.

Especially if you are bound to go surfing during vacation only, you should use and train your muscles and coordination to get the most out of your holiday and to prevent injuries.

For this workout, you only need……nothing really, but for some convenience maybe a mat or a towel and an elastic band (e.g. Theraband) plus a thing you can attach this to (table, tree, pole…) – you can do it indoor or outdoor – wherever you are. And if you have a buddy you can exercise with, even better.

Additionally we would recommend to do a regular cardio-workout like swimming and running for minimum 30 minutes twice a week.

So – lets get started!

Repeat the following circuit 2x for  approx. 15 Minute Workout, 3x for 20 Minute Workout, 4x for 30 Minute Workout and so on.

Warm-up 3x:

30 Jumping Jacks – we know how to do those since we were kids and they are alway fun!

30 High Knees – lift your knees really high and try to land as smooth as possible, without a sound


20 Jumpsquats – watch your legs: your knees should stay in one line with your ankle and stay behind your toes. Imagine you sit down on a chair with your bum.

10 Burpees – if your shoulders allow it, you can go further down in the push-up motion, until your hips touch the ground shortly, but make sure your abdomen is really tight!

20 Lunges – here again, knee behind toes, 90° angle of you leg.

20 Sideplank Armlift, each side. Follow your hand by looking at it, so your torso will do a slight rotation.

20 Sit-ups – keep your abs tight all the way up AND down, try to not bounce but to maintain a controlled motion.

40 Strokes with elastic band – attach to tree, pole or person (double workout!) and imitate the surfing strokes with tight back muscles, don’t lift your head too high, don’t look up but a little bit down.

alternatively, if you don’t have an elastic band:

Now, take a break for one minute, then begin the next set!



Hold the positions for 40 seconds each / each side.


Done! Congratulations, you just did a really great surfer-workout!


Thanks to our sporty models Jocy and Marina. Surfwear by www.josea-surfwear.com 

Music by Ryan Little, Autumn Woes


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Thumbs up for anything that keeps you in motion!

With some extra focus on the muscle groups you need while surfing, this will keep you fit! No motivation? Think of your next holiday and how great you will do in the water when you keep on training.