10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Surfers

It is almost Christmas! You don’t have a present for your surfing friends yet? Here is some inspiration.


A classic must-have for surfers. Not only a great changing booth but also a snugly after-surf chill out device.

69,95€ by Josea




Surfing History illustrated

The sport of kings: More than 200 years of surfing culture

This impressive tome is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to date. It brings together more than 900 images depicting the evolution of surfing as a sport, a lifestyle, and a philosophy.

150€ Surfing by Jim Heimann, publisher Taschen on Amazon





Hangair – Wetsuit drying hanger

This hanger has an integrated fan which will dry your suit fast enough to look forward to the next surf session even more.

Made of 100% recycled Plastic.

79,90€ by UnderwaterKinetics on Amazon



Surftrip Map 

Another classic, not only a wonderful decoration, you can also write on it and wipe it away. Great for marking your favorites, for surftrip planning or adding your (secret) spots.

23,06€ on amazon: Surftripmap



Wooden wax comb 

Handmade in Bavaria, made of wood, every single one a unique item.

24€ Wax Comb, Jeckybeng at Saltwater Shop




Aeropress Coffeemaker

What’s better than a freshly brewed coffee after a night in the van, before hitting the water, or after the session. Easy to handle, easy to clean and makes fantastic coffee.

39,90€ on Amazon 






The Surfcode Shirt

Surfer will recognize the numbers on you shirt instantly as your beloved surfboard. The Shirts and Hoodies for men and women are made of organic cotton.

from 33€ The Surfcode by Seawilde




Surfboard rack

These racks let you display your surfboard as art. Beautiful natural wood with a reddish brown Mahagony stain to accent your surfboard in your home or office.

49,99$ seen at Storeyourboard.com






Eco Surf Wax

No, that’s not cheese, but a surf wax made of natural contents on a non-petrochemical basis. Made in Basque country.

3,50€-6,50€ GreenFix Surfwax




Eco Sunscreen

A pure natural and mineral protection filter with Titaniumdioxide, Glimmer and Magnesium made especially for (salt)water. Pomegranate and Macadamia care for your skin. Lightly tinted so you don’t look so white. Don’t forget to cleanse after the session to avoid clogged pores.

18€ by eco cosmetics on Amazon